Ya Gotta let them Breathe

BreathVentsOne of the first questions we get when someone comes up to a boat is whether she has diesel or gas.  Now it’s a good idea to know how you plan to use the boat before you buy so this is an important question.  If you are going to use the boat as a waterfront condo and only take it out occasionally, then a gas engine is best.  If you are going to take the boat to the stream as many weekends as possible, than a diesel is best.  To help you know what a boat has if there is no one around to ask, we give you this tip: Diesel’s gota breathe, if the side vents are large or plentiful, then it’s a diesel.  If they are small or a few, then it’s a gas.  Just like us, the harder something works, the more air it needs.  Take a guess at which one that is. Didn’t know you would have a test, didja!!

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