Wednesday’s Tips. Stainless Steel, the Agony and the Ecstasy

colioniteStainlessThere is nothing like a nice shiny boat to turn some heads. Unfortunately, getting it shiny and keeping it shiny can be more of a chore than we want. ¬†Lets take stainless steel railings as an example. First of all, stainless does stain and its a pain when it stains(somewhat poetic). I have spent many hours cleaning railings using a product called NEVRDULL. It looks like cotton and smells like oil but, if you rub the stainless long enough, it will clean it. I must be a masochist because I got to where I almost enjoyed the hours of rubbing and being ‘one with the boat’ (a little new age but then I’m an old fart so anything new sounds like fun).

So where am I going with this…well, Sorry Dog asked me one day to help out a friend and polish his stainless, to say that it needed polishing was an understatement. I got out my NEVRDULL and was getting ready to get started when Sorry Dog suggested I try something he had used in the past, it was called Colinite Metal Wax. You put some on a towel and wipe the stainless, then come back with a clean towel and wipe it off. I am always skeptical of claims that say something is easy to do after I have spent years doing the hard way. Anyway, I took his bottle and picked the worst looking piece of stainless I could find which were the fender holders and they were the color of rust. I wiped it on and waited 30 seconds and wiped it off. To my amazement, about 80% of the stain came off and there was actually a shine there. I repeated the process and added just a little rubbing and the stainless looked brand new. I was able to finish the boat in 2 days instead of the week that I had allowed. I usually don’t recommend products because everyone has a different way of doing things but I will never use anything else for polishing stainless (unless they have a product I can spray it on and wipe it off). Its called Colinite Metal Wax by 3M.¬† It’s nice being able to spend more time enjoying the boat instead of polishing it.

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