My Dumbest Boating Decision

Now1Speaking of wood boats and leaking, I bought a wood boat but it wasn’t leaking… it had sunk.  Let’s start from the beginning. I found this beautiful 55′ 1957 Chris Connie (translate-Big Wood Boat).  I fell in love with it which was my first mistake.  It Was all mahogany and teak and it was the grandest boat I had seen. The master stateroom was redone to look like an old sailing vessel and it had a king-size bed.  There were 2 more staterooms and the galley was the largest I had seen and everything was polished.

Now3The day before we were supposed to close, I decided to take one last look and that’s when I saw my dream was on the bottom.  Instead of walking away, I figured I could get a deal. Everyone including the broker (which is how I met Sorry Dog) said don’t buy it but I was smitten. So I bought it for 10 cents on the dollar and set about rebuilding it. I won’t go into too much detail but I did find out that if a boat sinks, all of the wiring is destroyed and mold and mildew decides to come visit. Well, 1 year and $150,000 dollars later, I had a fully restored 1957 Chris Connie. Of course, that’s when I found the next fun thing about wood boats, you have to work on them everyday. That was fun for the first year but I finally decided that I would rather use a boat than work on it.  If you get a chance, you should own a wood boat at least once.  Send us your dumbest boating decision and we may publish it!!!


Wood Boat Leaking

wood boatOne of the main concerns with boats is what to do when they are leaking or taking on water.  We explained some tips for you when the boat is sinking but here is a trick if you have a wood boat that leaks badly (all wood boats leak).  Get a length of 2 inch PVC, 12 feet long.  Cut it in half and attach a 90 degree angle to the PVC. Position the pipe so the 1 side is under the boat in the water and tie the other half to a piling or anything handy.  Fill the hose with sawdust and attach a garden hose to the pipe.  Turn the hose on and the sawdust will be blown under the boat and fill the cracks that are leaking.  This takes approximately 2 hours and will cut your leaking drastically.