Ya Gotta let them Breathe

BreathVentsOne of the first questions we get when someone comes up to a boat is whether she has diesel or gas.  Now it’s a good idea to know how you plan to use the boat before you buy so this is an important question.  If you are going to use the boat as a waterfront condo and only take it out occasionally, then a gas engine is best.  If you are going to take the boat to the stream as many weekends as possible, than a diesel is best.  To help you know what a boat has if there is no one around to ask, we give you this tip: Diesel’s gota breathe, if the side vents are large or plentiful, then it’s a diesel.  If they are small or a few, then it’s a gas.  Just like us, the harder something works, the more air it needs.  Take a guess at which one that is. Didn’t know you would have a test, didja!!

Now you are still sinking and worried

__480_352_fat-guy-on-sinking-boatWater is still coming in and the pumps you have going are still not keeping up. Open the hatch to the engine room and get down on your knees (no, you’re not praying yet). Make sure the engine is still running and the shaft is turning (albeit under water). Hang upside down in the hatch, you are going to get wet from the turning engine so ignore this.  Take a hacksaw and cut the water intake hose for the engine and let it drop into the bilge.  Make sure you Turn off the sea cock for that engine.  The engine will take the water to cool it from the bilge and spit it back out to sea.  If you are still taking on more water then do the same for the second engine.  When you get to the marina and are going to go into the travel lift, make sure to keep the engine revving even when it is in neutral.  You are almost finished but this is not the time to make a mistake. We have never sank using this idea because the engines pump lots of water.