Boat Show Series

Boat shows are an excellent way to find that boat you have been looking for. I also find that boat shows are the only way I am ever going to get on a 10 million dollar boat and just look around. With summer coming, we bring you videos of boat shows that you may have missed. Let us know which boat you would like.

Southeast US Boat Show 2015

The boat show is over and we are dead tired. We had 17 boats in the show. You can imagine the logistics of trying to get all the boats in the marina and then getting them home after the show.  I’m not complaining, its hard to complain when you are spending most of the day on a boat in the St. Johns River. The show this year was much bigger than last year with more boats and more vendors and a lot more attendees. If you missed the show, take a look at the video. Stay to the end and see an short excerpt of us being interviewed by Katja Leuthold, the host of ‘First Coast Craze. The show airs Saturdays on channel 17 at 11pm. You can see the full interview on Saturday April 18. Check out the show, you will find it mesmerizing.