Boat Show Series

Boat shows are an excellent way to find that boat you have been looking for. I also find that boat shows are the only way I am ever going to get on a 10 million dollar boat and just look around. With summer coming, we bring you videos of boat shows that you may have missed. Let us know which boat you would like.

Your First Boat, Feel the Excitement

Deciding to live on a boat is a big step, finding and buying your first boat is an even bigger step. We follow Joe and Sabrina as they take their first ride on the boat that is to be their home. From nervous to excited, they have a hard time not smiling. This is a day they will remember for the rest of their life. Let us know what you think.

The New Sorry Dog Boat


ufo1Here are a couple of pictures of the new Sorry Dog boat(new to us). This boat needs some work so we will be following the renovation of this boat and will be publishing updates along the way. The boat is in good shape and just needs lots of TLC. The engine is strong so we should have some good events coming this summer. Keep checking on this and watch it change from an ugly duckling into a swan.

Southeast US Boat Show 2015

The boat show is over and we are dead tired. We had 17 boats in the show. You can imagine the logistics of trying to get all the boats in the marina and then getting them home after the show.  I’m not complaining, its hard to complain when you are spending most of the day on a boat in the St. Johns River. The show this year was much bigger than last year with more boats and more vendors and a lot more attendees. If you missed the show, take a look at the video. Stay to the end and see an short excerpt of us being interviewed by Katja Leuthold, the host of ‘First Coast Craze. The show airs Saturdays on channel 17 at 11pm. You can see the full interview on Saturday April 18. Check out the show, you will find it mesmerizing.

How Sorry Dog Got his Name


Carl says “When I was 12 years old, my shop woodworking teacher asked us all what we wanted to build, I said a 10 ft boat. He said NO WAY, it would be too big to fit in the locker. I said what if I built all the pieces, get them in the locker and come in one weekend and assemble it all, so he agreed. So as not to fill up the locker, I stuck the pieces down my pants and smuggled them home for fine tuning.  On the great anticipated weekend, I glued and screwed my first boat together and got an A- PLUS, I was hooked!”  

He acquired the name Sorry Dog some years later when he took off on a 3 day fishing trip to the islands.  Six months later, he ended up in the British West Indies! He was lying in a hammock and the bartender was talking to some people and said ‘talk about a “Sorry Dog”, this guy came down here for a 3 day trip six months ago and hasn’t gone home yet!’. The name stuck! When he got home, he painted it on his boat and started selling boats and having fun doing what he does best!

30 years later, Sorry Dog still has a nose for finding those dream boats for his friends.  All his customers become friends and he sees them on the docks all the time. He has sold the same boat 4 and 5 times thru the years.

Sorry Dog has become somewhat of a legend in Florida. Go to any marina in the state and mention “Sorry Dog” to the dock-master and he’ll most likely have a story to tell you about Carl.

So sit back, grab something with alcohol in it, give your spouse a kiss and go on your own adventure with Sorry Dog.

Southeast US Boat Show

BoatshowblogThe Southeast US Boat Show and Bikini Contest is right around the corner.  Make plans to come out and see the boats and the bikinis.  The boat show is April 10, 11 and 12 and the bikini contest is  on April 11th at 2:00 at the Oyster Jam.  This is the Southeast’s biggest in water and out of water boat show.  Sorry Dog will have over 20 boats in the water and all of them affordable. Now is the time to makes your plans on that next boat you want to buy.

Zinc Twice

runningGearAZinc is a very soft metal. It has many uses but, in boating, zincs are necessary for the safety of the boat.  Why??? you ask. I’m glad you did. Electrolysis is stray electric charges in the water (for ease of explanation). This electrical charge attacks metal, such as the running gear on a boat. The way to save your running gear is to attach zincs to the metal parts (shafts, rudders etc.). Electrolysis attacks the softest metal first and will eat away the zincs and not attack the harder metal of the running gear. In some areas of the St. Johns river, you can go through the zincs in a month.  The running gear in the picture is an example of what can happen when zincs are neglected for a long period of time.  The running gear had to be replaced for a cost of over$20,000. Zincs for the boat would have cost about $150.00. I don’t think I need to show the math.

Another thing to consider is that the engines also have zincs in them. The water is running through the engine and out the back, completing the circuit. The headers and cooling system could look like the running gear in the picture if you don’t keep the zincs up. Add another $8,000 to fix that. There have been a number of times I have seen boat zincs kept up and changed religiously but the owner did not not know the engines also had zincs.

This is a real life example that occurred recently. The current owner bought the boat without a survey.  Both owners were first time boaters.  The damage was found when the out-of-the-water survey was done.  Needles to say, our buyer decided against he purchase. The $700 survey save him $28,000.  Watch out for our next blog on surveys and why you need them.

Think Twice about Zincs, it could save you money and your life.